Fiber-Laser Processing


We now offer the latest in high speed precision fiber laser cutting technology, enabling us to cut parts from laser-ready metal sheets as large as 78” x 158” (2 meters x 4 meters) with the least amount of waste in the shortest amount of time. 


What does this mean for you?




Quality control is built into our processes.


Our business is built on your trust. Control samples are optically scanned by a digital laser measuring system that is integral to our processes, ensuring precise dimensions.

Come and see!

Please visit our facility in Walworth Wisconsin to see our new innovative Amada FLCAJ 4020 Fiber Laser System in operation. It is supported by our advanced stretcher-leveler equipment and our automated materials-handling system. This allows us to manage up to ten different projects at a time.

This is another example of Dalco Metal’s commitment to the future of manufacturing.

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